Who We Are

Situated in the heart of Saifi Village, The Backburner is a specialty coffee shop serving artisanal coffee and good eats. We import our freshly roasted espresso beans from the finest roasters and complement our coffee drinks with a daily food menu from select local bakers and wholesome kitchens. We believe in the culture of coffee and hope to contribute to a growing community of coffee enthusiasts.

The Coffee

We serve expertly prepared espresso and single origin filter brews, and our baristas undergo continuous training to be able to serve the best tasting coffee. A balanced and smooth espresso with caramel and sugarcane sweetness, a touch of stone fruit and heavy body. Our single origin coffees are sourced from single farms or cooperatives, grown by farmers who take exceptional care to produce coffee with exceptional flavor.

The Equipment

We believe a successful cafe is founded on beautiful coffee, well trained baristas, and the right equipment. La Marzocco is an outstanding machine with superior engineering, that has the ability to perform and consistently produce cup after cup of excellent espresso. Great espresso can only be prepared using freshly ground coffee and we have paired our espresso machine with Mazzer commercial coffee grinders, another Italian leader in design, precision, and reliability.

The Eats

We offer a daily selection of freshly baked sweet and savory goods, including muffins, croissants, manakish and signature tahini buckwheat banana loaf. We also offer a breakfast and lunch menu consisting of wholesome granola, classic sandwiches, and hearty salads. All our ingredients are fresh, seasonal and sourced from the best local kitchens. breads and sugar-free baked goods, as well as green juices and organic milks.

Our offering also includes snack and sweet bite options for those seeking a healthier alternative; including energy balls, gluten free breads and sugar free baked goods, as well as green juices and organic milks.

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Opening Hours
Fall – Winter

Monday – Saturday
7am to 7pm
9am to 7pm

Spring – Summer

Monday – Saturday
7am to 8pm
9am to 7pm

Reach us


Saifi Village
Ariss and Kanafani Street, Saifi Village, Beirut, Lebanon
+ 961 01 989 343

Faqra Club (seasonal)
Faqra Club, Kferdebian, Lebanon
+ 961 3 003 932


Kuwait City
Khaleejiya Complex, 28 Jaber Al-Mubarak Street
+ 965 9111 6666

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